Package specific_fns :: Module setup
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Module setup

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Module for handling the setup of the specific analyses.

Functions [hide private]
get_specific_fn(eqi, function_type=None, raise_error=True)
The function for returning the requested specific function.
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Function for returning the class instance corresponding to the function type.
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Function for returning a string corresponding to the function type.
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Variables [hide private]
  consistency_tests_obj = Consistency_tests()
  frame_order_obj = Frame_order()
  hybrid_obj = Hybrid()
  jw_mapping_obj = Jw_mapping()
  model_free_obj = Model_free()
  n_state_model_obj = N_state_model()
  noe_obj = Noe()
  relax_fit_obj = Relax_fit()
  __package__ = 'specific_fns'

Imports: pipes, Consistency_tests, Frame_order, Hybrid, Jw_mapping, Model_free, N_state_model, Noe, Relax_fit, RelaxError, RelaxFuncSetupError