Branch creation

If a change is likely to be disruptive or cause breakages in the program, the use of your own temporary branch is recommended. This private branch is a complete copy of one of the main development lines wherein you can make changes without disrupting the other developers. Although called a private branch every change is visible to all other developers and each commit will result in an automatic email to the relax-commits mailing list. Other developers are even able to check out your branch and make modifications to it. Private branches can also be used for testing ideas. If the idea does not work the branch can be deleted from the repository (in reality the branch will always exist between the revision numbers of its creation and deletion and can always be resurrected). For example to create a branch from the main development line, the `trunk', called molmol_macros whereby new Molmol macros are to be written, type

$ svn cp svn+ssh:// \

replacing xxxxx with your login name. You can then check out your private branch by typing

$ svn co svn+ssh://

which will create a directory called molmol_macros containing all the relax source files. To have the files placed into a different directory, type the name of that directory at the end of the last command. Modifications can be made to this copy while normal development continues on the main line.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2016-10-28.