Development branches

When making changes to the relax git repository, you should never commit changes to the master branch. Instead a dedicated development branch must be used. For example to create a branch from the main development line, the master branch, called molmol_macros whereby new Molmol macros are to be written, type

$ git checkout master

This is to firstly switch master branch if not already there. Then create and switch to your new development branch by typing

$ git branch molmol_macros/r1
$ git checkout molmol_macros/r1

The reason for the */r1 suffix will be discussed later. The master branch should be kept clean, either by tracking the primary or mirror repository's master branch directly, or only performing mergers from that branch (as forks should do). Modifications can be made to this copy while normal development continues on the master branch.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.