Making distribution archives

Two types of distribution archive can be created from the currently checked out sources - the source and binary distributions. To create the source distribution type

$ scons source_dist

whereas to create the binary distribution, whereby the C modules are compiled and the resultant shared objects are included in the bzipped tar file, type

$ scons binary_dist

If a binary distribution does not exist for your architecture feel free to create it yourself and contribute the archive to be included on the download pages. To do this you will need to check out the appropriate tagged branch from the relax subversion repository. If the current stable release is called 1.2.3 check out that branch by typing

$ svn co svn+ssh:// relax

replacing bugman with your user name if you are a relax developer, otherwise typing

$ svn co svn:// relax

Then build the binary distribution and send a message to the relax development mailing list. If compilation does not work please submit a bug to the bug tracker system at detailing the relax version, operation system, architecture, and any other information you believe will help to solve the problem. More information about donating binary distributions to the relax project is given in the open source infrastructure chapter (Chapter 3, page [*]).

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2016-10-28.