Merging the branch back into the main line

Once you have completed the modifications desired for your branch, all changes which have occurred in the main line have been merged using, and the changes have been approved for merging back into the main line - then your branch can be merged. First check out a copy of the main line,

$ svn co svn+ssh:// relax-trunk

or update a previously checked out version,

$ svn up

Then can be utilised again. First initialise the merging process by typing, from within the checked out copy of the main line,

$ init svn+ssh://

Then commit the change

$ svn ci -F svnmerge-commit-message.txt

To merge the branch and commit the changes, type

$ merge -bidirectional

$ svn ci -F svnmerge-commit-message.txt

Finally the merge properties need to be removed

$ uninit -S svn+ssh://

the changes committed

$ svn ci -F svnmerge-commit-message.txt

and your private branch deleted

$ svn rm svn+ssh://

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2016-10-28.