Mirrors of the relax repository

The relax developers are expected to push all changes to the primary relax repository currently located at SourceForge. However, for the future longevity of relax, this repository is mirrored on multiple free software/open source infrastructures. This should ensure access to relax for decades to come. The web interfaces to the current mirrors are:

As a relax developer, you can set the mirrored repositories as remotes and push all changes to all mirrors. Firstly rename the default remote name
origin with

$ git remote rename origin sf

Then add all remotes not already present by typing

$ git remote add bb git@bitbucket.org:nmr-relax/relax.git
$ git remote add gh git@github.com:nmr-relax/relax.git
$ git remote add gl git@gitlab.com:nmr-relax/relax.git
$ git remote add sf ssh://[username]@git.code.sf.net/p/nmr-relax/codet

You will need to be registered at these sites to be able to push to them:

Other mirrors may be added in the future. To push all changes to the mirrors, type

$ git push bb
$ git push gh
$ git push gl
$ git push sf
$ git push -tags bb
$ git push -tags gh
$ git push -tags gl
$ git push -tags sf

The first commands only push the changes present on the currently checked out branch (creating the remote branch if necessary), and the second set push all tags. This can be simplified by using a git alias set in the git configuration file. For example on POSIX systems, in the file .gitconfig add

        pushremotes = !git remote | grep -v local_backup | xargs -L1 git push

Then instead type

$ git pushremotes
$ git pushremotes -tags

To download any changes present in any one of the mirrors, type

$ git fetch -all

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.