Modification of the latest sources - creating patches with Subversion

If possible changes to the latest sources is preferred. Using the most up to date sources from the relax SVN repository will significantly aid the relax developers to incorporate your changes back into the main development line. To check out the current development line see section 13.1 on page [*] for details. Prior to submitting a patch to the mailing list your sources should be updated to include the most recent changes. To do this type

$ svn up

and note the revision number to include in your post. The update may cause a conflict if changes added to the repository clash with your modifications. If this occurs see the Subversion book at for details on how to resolve the conflict or submit a message to the relax-devel list.

Once the sources are up to date your changes can be can be converted into the patch text file. Using SVN creating a patch is easy. Just type

$ svn diff > patch

in the base relax directory.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2016-10-28.