Submitting changes as a patch

The preferred method for submitting fixes and improvements to the relax source code is by the creation of a patch. If your changes are a fix make sure you have submitted a bug report to the bug tracker located at first. See section 3.3 on page [*] for more details. Two methods can be used to generate the patch - the Unix command diff or the Subversion program. The resultant file patch of either the diff or svn command described below can be posted to the ``relax-devel at'' mailing list. Please label within your post which version of relax you modified or which revision the patch is for. Also try to create a commit log message according to the format described in section 13.4.4 on page [*] for one of the relax committers to use as a template for committing the change.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2016-10-28.