Version control using Subversion

The development of relax requires the use of the Subversion (SVN) version control software downloadable from The source code to relax is stored in an SVN repository located at Every single change which has ever made to the program is recorded within this repository. For more information see the open source infrastructure chapter 3 on page [*].

Although the downloadable distribution archives can be modified it is best that the most current and up to date revision (the head revision) is modified instead. More information about the basics of version control and how this is implemented in Subversion can be found in the Subversion book located at

If you are not currently a relax developer you can check out the head revision by typing

$ svn co svn:// relax-trunk

Otherwise if you are a developer type

$ svn co svn+ssh:// relax-trunk

replacing xxxxx with your Gna! login name. If your version is out of date it can be updated to the latest revision by typing

$ svn up

Modifications can be made to these sources.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2016-10-28.