Package bmrblib :: Package pystarlib :: Module TagTable :: Class TagTable
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Class TagTable

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In initializing the class a content has to be given!!! If not then the class will make something up and it won't be pretty but it will be following legal syntax. Usual case is to call the parse method with some text and position.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, free=None, title='', tagnames=None, tagvalues=None, verbosity=2) source code
star_text(self, flavor='NMR-STAR') source code
set_title(self) source code
check_integrity(self, check_type=0) source code
parse(self, text='', pos=0) source code
_tagtable_free_parse(self, text, pos) source code
_tagtable_loop_values_parse(self, text, pos, pos_end) source code

Inherited from Utils.Lister: __repr__, attrnames

Instance Variables [hide private]
Returns the STAR text representation
Size and type checks to be extended 0 Only fast checks 9 Type checks of each element