Module dep_check
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Module dep_check

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Module for checking relax dependencies.

If essential dependencies are missing, then an error message is printed and the program terminated.

Variables [hide private]
  bmrblib_module = True
  wx_module = True
  wx_module_message = message.args [0]
  epydoc_module = True
  readline_module = True
  matplotlib_module = True
  runpy_module = True
  profile_module = True
  cprofile_module = True
  bz2_module = True
  bz2_module_message = message.args [0]
  gzip_module = True
  gzip_module_message = message.args [0]
  io_module = True
  io_module_message = message.args [0]
  scipy_module = True
  vmd_module = False
  mpi4py_module = True
  mpi4py_message = """The dependency 'mpi4py' has not been insta...
  pymol_module = False
  xml_module = True
  xml_version = '0.8.4'
  xml_type = 'PyXML'
  subprocess_module = True
  subprocess_module_message = message.args [0]
  ctypes_module = True
  ctypes_module_message = message.args [0]
  ctypes_structure_module = True
  ctypes_structure_module_message = message.args [0]
  system = platform.system()
  file = 'relax_fit.pyd'
  message = ImportError('No module named pymol',)
  C_module_exp_fn_mesg = "ImportError: "+ repr(message)+ "\nRela...
  C_module_exp_fn = True
  __package__ = None

Imports: platform, F_OK, access, sep, sys, numpy, optparse, minfx, bmrblib, wx, epydoc, os, readline, matplotlib, runpy, profile, cProfile, bz2, gzip, io, scipy, mpi4py, pymol, xml, subprocess, ctypes, Structure, relax_fit

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"""The dependency 'mpi4py' has not been installed. You should either:

1. Run without multiprocessor support i.e. remove the --multi mpi4py f\
lag from the command line.

2. Install mpi4py.

3. Choose another multi processor method to give to the --multi comman\


"ImportError: "+ repr(message)+ "\nRelaxation curve fitting is unavail\
able, try compiling the C modules."