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Module relax_gui

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Main module for the relax graphical user interface.

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The main GUI class.
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  ds = The relax data storage obje...
  uf_store = {'pcs.display': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at...
  status = Status()
  __package__ = 'gui'

Imports: F_OK, access, getcwd, sep, platform, search, sys, sleep, webbrowser, wx, Relax_data_store, Gui, IMAGE_PATH, fetch_icon, About_relax, Analysis_controller, Spin_view_window, Controller, Export_bmrb_window, RelaxFileDialog, font, relax_icons, Interpreter, Menu, error_message, Question, bitmap_setup, gui_raise, open_file, protected_exec, Pipe_editor, References, Prompt, Results_viewer, Free_file_format_window, gui_to_str, Uf_storage, Info_box, RelaxNoPipeError, io_streams_restore, state, cdp_name, reset, Status, version

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The relax data storage object.

Data pipes:

Data store objects:
  __dict__ <type 'dict'>: dict() -> new empty dictionary
  __doc__ <type 'str'>: The relax data storage object.


{'pcs.display': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x3176950>, 'pymol\
.command': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x3176d90>, 'molecule.c\
opy': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x3179fd0>, 'dasha.create': \
<gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x31794d0>, 'spectrum.replicated':\
 <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x3178290>, 'noe.spectrum_type': \
<gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x31766d0>, 'frame_order.num_int_p\
ts': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x3179950>, 'monte_carlo.on':\
 <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x3176490>, 'pipe.bundle': <gui.u\