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Module results

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Module for reading/writing/displaying the results in a data pipe.

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str or None
Determine the format of the results file.
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Displaying the results/contents of the current data pipe.
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read(file='results', dir=None)
Function for reading the data out of a file.
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write(file='results', dir=None, force=False, compress_type=1, verbosity=1)
Create the results file.
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Variables [hide private]
  ds = The relax data storage obje...
  __package__ = 'pipe_control'

Imports: dirname, search, sys, Relax_data_store, RelaxError, RelaxFileEmptyError, extract_data, get_file_path, open_read_file, open_write_file, strip, pipes, read_columnar_results

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Determine the format of the results file.

  • file (file object) - The file object representing the results file.
Returns: str or None
The results file format. This can be 'xml' or 'columnar'.

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The relax data storage object.

Data pipes:

Data store objects:
  __dict__ <type 'dict'>: dict() -> new empty dictionary
  __doc__ <type 'str'>: The relax data storage object.