Package target_functions :: Module n_state_model
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Module n_state_model

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Class containing the target function of the optimisation of the N-state model.
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  __package__ = 'target_functions'

Imports: sqrt, array, dot, eye, float64, ones, rank, transpose, zeros, dAi_dAxx, dAi_dAyy, dAi_dAxy, dAi_dAxz, dAi_dAyz, to_tensor, vectors_single_centre, vectors_centre_per_state, ave_pcs_tensor, ave_pcs_tensor_ddeltaij_dAmn, ave_pcs_tensor_ddeltaij_dc, pcs_constant_grad, pcs_tensor, ave_rdc_tensor, ave_rdc_tensor_dDij_dAmn, ave_rdc_tensor_pseudoatom, ave_rdc_tensor_pseudoatom_dDij_dAmn, rdc_tensor, RelaxError, isNaN, euler_to_R_zyz, pcs_constant, chi2, dchi2_element, d2chi2_element