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Class Null_result_command

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An empty result command.

This command should be returned from slave_command if no other Result_command is returned. This allows the queue processor to register that the slave processor has completed its processing and schedule new Slave-commands to it.

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__init__(self, processor, completed=True)
Initialise a result.
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Inherited from Result_command: run

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__init__(self, processor, completed=True)

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Initialise a result.

This object is designed for subclassing and __init__ should be called via the super() function.

  • processor - Processor the processor instance we are running in.
  • completed - A flag used in batching result returns to indicate that the sequence of batched result commands has completed, the flag should be set by slave_commands. The value should be the value passed to a Slave_commands run method if it is the final result being returned otherwise it should be False.
Overrides: object.__init__
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