Package test_suite :: Package unit_tests :: Package _lib :: Module test_float :: Class Test_float
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Class Test_float

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Unit tests for the functions of the 'float' module.

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do_test_sets(self, function, true_class=[], false_class=[])
Method for checking all the values against the given function.
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Test the float.getFloatClass() function.
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Test the float.isZero() function.
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Test the float.isZero() function.
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  num_types = {45725296: -inf, 45725320: inf, 45725344: nan, 872...

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{45725296: -inf,
 45725320: inf,
 45725344: nan,
 87234616: -0.0,
 87234640: 0.0,
 87234664: 4.94065645841e-324,
 87234688: -4.94065645841e-324,
 87234736: -1000000.0,