Format of the commit logs

If you are a relax developer and you have commit access to the repository the following conventions should be followed for all commit messages.

An example of a commit message for the closure of a bug is:

Fixing the rest of bug #7241 (

Bug #7241 was thought to be fixed in in r2591 and r2593, the commit messages describing the solution being located at (Message-id: <>) for r2591 and (Message-id: <>) for r2593.

However this was not the only place that the Scientific Python PDB data structure peptide_chains was being accessed. The chains were being accessed in the file `pipe_control/' when the sequence was being read out of the PDB file. This has now been modified with changes similar to r2591 and r2593.

An example of a commit message for changes relating to a task is:

This change implements half of task #3630 (

The docstring in the generic optimisation function has been modified to clear up the ambiguity cased by supplying the option `None' together with Newton optimisation.

One last commit message example is:

Added the API documentation creation (using Epydoc) to the Scons scripts.

The Scons target to create the HTML API documentation is called `api_manual_html'. The documentation can be created by typing: $ scons api_manual_html

The function `compile_api_manual_html()' was added to the `scons/' file. This function runs the `epydoc' command. All the Epydoc options are specified in that function.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2016-10-28.