relax: dynamics analysis, model-free analysis, relaxation data, R1 and R2 exponential curve-fitting, steady-state NOE calculation, reduced spectral density mapping, relaxation dispersion, N-state model, frame order dynamics theories, stereochemistry, conformational analysis, organic molecules, proteins, RNA, DNA, sugars, and other biomolecules.

relax - Molecular dynamics by NMR data analysis

Analysis software for: Model-free, NMR relaxation (R1, R2, NOE), reduced spectral density mapping, relaxation dispersion, N-state models, frame order theory.

The relax API documentation

The relax Application Programming Interface (API) documentation is an in-depth description of the internal structure of relax. It can be used by power users to create advanced relax scripts. It is also the documentation fro the collection of functions in relax library. This documentation should be a useful reference for relax developers and for those wishing to contribute to the relax project.

The most recent version of the documentation is:

The relax library

Part of the relax API is the 'lib' package. This is an extensive collection of functions, methods, classes, objects, etc. useful for the study of all types of molecular dynamics using NMR data. These are independent from the relax data store, specific analysis API, and other relax concepts. It allows you to employ relax as an alternative to Mathematica and Matlab, by having a large collection of NMR functions at your fingertips. See the 'lib' package section of the API documentation for more details.

Old documentation

The automatically generated API documentation is also available for earlier relax versions: