Doc strings

The following are relax's conventions for docstrings. Many of these are Python conventions.

An example of a single line docstring is:

    def delete(self):
        """Function for deleting all model-free data."""

An example of a multiline docstring is:

def aic(chi2, k, n):
    """Akaike's Information Criteria (AIC).

    The formula is::

        AIC = chi2 + 2k

    @param chi2:    The minimised chi-squared value.
    @type chi2:     float
    @param k:       The number of parameters in the model.
    @type k:        int
    @param n:       The dimension of the relaxation data set.
    @type n:        int
    @return:        The AIC value.
    @rtype:         float

    return chi2 + 2.0*k

In addition to the text descriptions, the docstrings use the Epydoc markup language to describe arguments, return values, and other information about the code. See for a listing of all the epydoc fields allowed. This markup language is important for the creation of the API documentation and to help developers understand the purpose and operation of the code.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.