Starting with the initial code in November 2001, the relax sources were not stored within a version control repository. Instead version control was performed by creating a log-less *.tar.gz file backup after each change. In June 2005, these backup files were imported into a new Subversion (SVN) repository.

Corresponding with the switch to the SVN version control repository, relax was made public by shifting development onto the Gna! free software infrastructure. This allowed for the following new infrastructure to be set up:

An archive of relax's old Gna! website can be found on the Internet Archive.

In May 2017, without much warning, the Gna! infrastructure that relax relied upon was permanently shut down. This lead to a long period with no open source infrastructure. During this time, the relax SVN repository was painstakingly converted into a git version control repository with all branches and history preserved. To ensure that relax would be accessible for a long time into the future, this new git repository was mirrored to a number of free software/open source infrastructures:

The webpages were also migrated with history from the SVN repository where they were located alongside the relax source code to a separate git repository.

From January 2019, relax moved to the SourceForge open source infrastructure. This provides the following relax infrastructure.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2024-06-08.