Installation on MS Windows

In addition to the above dependencies, running relax on MS Windows requires a number of additional programs. These include:

Any version.
The pyreadline package requires ctypes.

To install, simply download the pre-compiled binary distribution or the source distribution and extract the files to C: \Program Files \relax-x.x.x. Then add this directory to the system environment path (in Windows XP, right click on “My Computer”, go to “Properties”, click on the “Advanced” tab, and click on the “Environment Variables” button. Then double click on the “Path” system variable and add the text “;C: \Program Files \relax-x.x.x” to the end of variable value field. The Python installation must also be located on the path (add the text “;C: \Python27”, changing the text to point to the correct directory, to the field). To run the program from any directory inside the Windows command prompt (or dos prompt) type:

C: \> relax

Note that the pre-compiled binary distribution was built using a specific Python version and that that version may need to be installed for the modules to be loaded. More details are given on the download webpage.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2024-06-08.