Introduction to the multi-processor

Thanks to Gary Thompson's multi-processor framework, relax can be run on multi-core/multi-CPU systems or on clusters to speed up calculations. As most analyses are relatively quick and would not benefit from the multi-processor framework, only the model-free and frame order analyses have currently been parallelised to run within this framework. To use the multi-processor framework, the following should be installed:

This is the most commonly used Message Passing Interface (MPI) protocol software. The rest of this manual will assume that this is the implementation in use. If another implementation is used, please see the specific documentation for that software for how to set up a program to run via MPI.
This dependency is essential for running in MPI mode in relax. If you would like to use another Python implementation to access the MPI protocol, please consider becoming a relax developer.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.