To be able to easily navigate between the relax infrastructure components - the bug tracker, the task tracker, the support request tracker, the mailing lists, the commit logs, and the git repositories - try to include as many links as possible.

For example a bug may first be reported on the relax-users mailing list, then placed within the bug tracker, discussed on relax-devel, a fix committed to the repository, and finally the bug report closed. To be able to follow this chain, links are very important. When the bug is first added to the bug tracker, a link to the relax-users mailing list archive message should be included. If you start a discussion on relax-devel, try to include links to the bug tracker entry and the relax-users message. When committing a fix to the repository, include links to the bug report, to the start of the thread in the mailing list archive, and the original message to relax-users. Then when the bug report is closed, include the commit ID of the fix and a link to the relax-commits archive message. By having all these links, it is then very easy for someone else to jump between the systems and follow the progression of the bug fix.

If you send a message referring to an old post which was sent the relax mailing lists, an old bug report, or any other archived information, please take the time to find that original information in the archives and include a link to it. It is much more efficient for a single person to hunt down that message than for the many recipients of your post to search for the message themselves. By including the link, you decrease the overhead of following the mailing list.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.