Optimisation of the local τm models

The addition of the local τm parameter to the set $\mathfrak{F}_i$ creates a new set of models which will be labelled $\mathfrak{T}_i$. These include models tm0 to tm9. The local τm parameter is the single member of the set $\mathfrak{D}_i$ and in set notation

$\displaystyle \mathfrak{T}_i = \mathfrak{D}_i \cup \mathfrak{F}_i.$ (15.2)

Although the Brownian rotational diffusion parameter local τm is optimised, this category is residue specific. As such the complexity of the optimisation is lower than the next two categories. It is slightly greater than the optimisation of the set $\mathfrak{F}_i$ as

dim$\displaystyle \mathfrak{T}_i = 1 + k \leqslant 6,$ (15.3)

where k is the number of model-free parameters.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.