Tab completion

Tab completion is implemented to prevent insanity as the function names can be quite long - a deliberate feature to improve usability. The behaviour of the tab completion is very similar to that of the bash prompt.

Not only is tab completion useful for preventing RSI but it can also be used for listing all available functions. To begin with if you hit the [TAB] key without typing any text all available functions will be listed (along with function classes and other python objects). This extends to the exploration of user functions within a function class. For example to list the user functions within the function class model_free type

relax> model_free.

The dot character at the end is essential. After hitting the [TAB] key you should see something like

relax| model_free.
relax> model_free.

All the objects beginning with an underscore are “hidden”, they contain information about the function class and should be ignored. From the listing the user functions copy, create_model, delete, remove_tm, and select_model contained within model_free are all visible.

Figure 1.3: Screenshot of the relax GUI interface - the starting interface. To start one of the automated analyses, either the menu “FileNew analysis” or the new analysis button in the toolbar should be selected.
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The relax user manual (PDF), created 2024-06-08.