The dot product of the ellipsoid

The dot product is defined as

δi = $\displaystyle \widehat{{XH}}$$\displaystyle \widehat{{\mathfrak{D}_i}}$, (15.170)

where i is one of {x, y, z}, $\widehat{{XH}}$ is a unit vector parallel to the XH bond vector, and $\widehat{{\mathfrak{D}_i}}$ is one of the unit vectors defining the diffusion frame. The three diffusion frame unit vectors can be expressed using the Euler angles α, β, and γ as

\widehat{\mathfrak{D}_x} &= \begin{pmatrix}
...beta \sin \gamma \\
\cos \beta \\

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2024-06-08.