The source releases

Two types of software packages are available for download - the precompiled and source distribution. Currently only relaxation curve-fitting requires compilation to function and all other features of relax will be fully functional without compilation. If relaxation curve-fitting is required but no precompiled version of relax exists for your operating system or architecture then, if a C compiler is present, the C code can be compiled into the shared objects files *.so, *.pyd or *.dylib which are loaded as modules into relax. To build these modules the Scons system from is required. This software requires the Python and numpy header files installed. Once Scons is installed type

$ scons

in the base directory where relax has been installed and the C modules should, hopefully, compile without any problems. Otherwise please submit a bug report to the bug tracker.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.