d'Auvergne protocol script mode - data pipe initialisation

The next part of the script between the Analysis variables and execution sets up a data pipe with all of the spin information and relaxation data to pass into the automated protocol. The data pipe is created in the lines:

# Create the data pipe.
pipe_bundle = "mf (%s)" % asctime(localtime())
name = "origin - " + pipe_bundle
pipe.create(name, 'mf', bundle=pipe_bundle)

Firstly a data pipe bundle name is created containing the date and time at the point the script is first executed. This pipe bundle is used to group together all of the data pipes created automatically by the protocol. See section 4.2.1 on page [*] for more details.

The data pipe name used for this initial setup is set to origin - mf (x) where x is the data and time again. This name is unique and will not clash with the data pipes created within the protocol. The pipe.create command will create the data pipe and add it to a new pipe bundle.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2024-06-08.