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Module uf_objects

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Module containing the special objects for auto-generating the GUI user functions and classes.

Classes [hide private]
A special user function arg element which always returns True.
The object for auto-generating the GUI user functions.
User function specific pages for the wizards.
A singleton container for holding all the GUI user functions.
Functions [hide private]
build_uf_menus(parent=None, menubar=None)
Auto-generate the user function sub-menu.
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Variables [hide private]
  interpreter = Interpreter()
  status = Status()
  uf_info = Uf_info()
  uf_tables = Uf_tables()
  __package__ = 'gui'

Imports: search, wx, scrolledpanel, sys, lib, fetch_icon, Free_file_format, build_menu_item, gui_raise, font, Selector_bool, Selector_dir, Selector_file, Selector_file_multiple, Sequence, Sequence_2D, Spin_id, Value, Interpreter, format_table, Wiz_page, Wiz_window, AllRelaxErrors, RelaxError, strip_lead, Status, Uf_info, Uf_tables

Function Details [hide private]

build_uf_menus(parent=None, menubar=None)

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Auto-generate the user function sub-menu.

  • parent (wx instance) - The parent window to bind the events to.
  • menubar (wx.MenuBar instance) - The menubar to attach the user function menus to.
Returns: int
The menu ID.