Package pipe_control :: Module model_selection
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Module model_selection

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Module for selecting the best model.

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select(method=None, modsel_pipe=None, bundle=None, pipes=None)
Model selection function.
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  __package__ = 'pipe_control'

Imports: sys, RelaxError, RelaxPipeError, write_data, aic, aicc, bic, pipe_control, has_pipe, pipe_names, switch, return_api

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select(method=None, modsel_pipe=None, bundle=None, pipes=None)

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Model selection function.

  • method (str) - The model selection method. This can currently be one of:
    • 'AIC', Akaike's Information Criteria.
    • 'AICc', Small sample size corrected AIC.
    • 'BIC', Bayesian or Schwarz Information Criteria.
    • 'CV', Single-item-out cross-validation.

    None of the other model selection techniques are currently supported.

  • modsel_pipe (str) - The name of the new data pipe to be created by copying of the selected data pipe.
  • bundle (str or None) - The optional data pipe bundle to associate the newly created pipe with.
  • pipes (list of str) - A list of the data pipes to use in the model selection.