Module relax
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Module relax

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The main module for relax execution.

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The main relax class.
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start(mode=None, profile_flag=False)
Execute relax.
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  status = Status()
  __package__ = None

Imports: dep_check, os, numpy, Option, OptionGroup, OptionParser, F_OK, access, getpid, putenv, profile, pstats, pager, sys, Info_box, io_streams_log, io_streams_tee, lib, Application_callback, load_multiprocessor, interpreter, Status, user_functions, version

Function Details [hide private]

start(mode=None, profile_flag=False)

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Execute relax.

  • mode (str) - Force a relax mode, overriding the command line.
  • profile_flag (bool) - Change this flag to True for code profiling.