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Package system_tests

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The relax system/functional tests.

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Class for executing all of the system/functional tests.
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  __package__ = 'test_suite.system_tests'

Imports: search, TestSuite, RelaxError, TestLoader, Align_tensor, Angles, Bmrb, Bruker, Chemical_shift, Ct, Dasha, Diffusion_tensor, Frame_order, Generic, Grace, Interatomic, Jw, Load_spins, Modelim, Mf, Modsel, Mol_res_spin, N_state_model, Noe, Noe_restraints, Palmer, Pcs, Peak_lists, Pipes, Rdc, Relax_data, Relax_disp, Relax_fit, Results, Selection, Sequence, State, Structure, Unit_vectors, Value, base_classes, chemical_shift, consistency_tests, dasha, diffusion_tensor, mol_res_spin, pcs, peak_lists, pipes