Package test_suite :: Package system_tests :: Module relax_disp
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Module relax_disp

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Class for testing various aspects specific to relaxation dispersion curve-fitting.
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  ds = The relax data storage obje...
  status = Status()
  __package__ = 'test_suite.system_tests'

Imports: F_OK, access, getcwd, path, sep, array, median, re, math, mkdtemp, relax_disp, Relax_data_store, dep_check, return_spin, spin_loop, generate_r20_key, get_curve_type, loop_exp_frq, loop_exp_frq_offset_point, return_param_key_from_data, EXP_TYPE_CPMG_DQ, EXP_TYPE_CPMG_MQ, EXP_TYPE_CPMG_PROTON_MQ, EXP_TYPE_CPMG_PROTON_SQ, EXP_TYPE_CPMG_SQ, EXP_TYPE_CPMG_ZQ, EXP_TYPE_R1RHO, MODEL_B14, MODEL_B14_FULL, MODEL_CR72, MODEL_CR72_FULL, MODEL_IT99, MODEL_LM63, MODEL_M61B, MODEL_NOREX, MODEL_NS_CPMG_2SITE_3D_FULL, MODEL_NS_CPMG_2SITE_EXPANDED, MODEL_NS_CPMG_2SITE_STAR_FULL, MODEL_PARAMS, MODEL_R2EFF, Status, SystemTestCase

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The relax data storage object.

Data pipes:

Data store objects:
  __dict__ <type 'dict'>: dict() -> new empty dictionary
  __doc__ <type 'str'>: The relax data storage object.