Package user_functions :: Module value
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Module value

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The value user function definitions.

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  FD_OPEN = 1
  FD_SAVE = 2
  consistency_test_params = None
  frame_order_params = None
  jw_mapping_params = None
  model_free_params = None
  n_state_params = None
  noe_params = None
  relax_disp_params = None
  relax_fit_params = None
  uf_info = Uf_info()
  uf_tables = Uf_tables()
  uf_class = uf_info.add_class('value')
  table = uf_tables.add_table(label= "table: value.set combinati...
  uf = uf_info.add_uf('value.write')
  __package__ = 'user_functions'

Imports: sep, dep_check, WIZARD_IMAGE_PATH, pipes, value, Consistency_tests_params, Frame_order_params, Jw_mapping_params, Model_free_params, N_state_params, Noe_params, Relax_disp_params, Relax_fit_params, Uf_info, Uf_tables, Desc_container

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uf_tables.add_table(label= "table: value.set combinations", caption= "\
The value and parameter combination options for the value.set user fun\
ction.", caption_short= "The value and parameter combinations for the \
value.set user function.")