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Package gui

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Package for the Bieri GUI interface for relax.

This GUI was announced in the post at

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The relax GUI wx application.
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  uf_store = {'pcs.display': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at...
  status = Status()
  __package__ = 'gui'

Imports: dep_check, sys, sleep, wx, IMAGE_PATH, Uf_storage, RelaxError, pipe_control, Status, analyses, components, export_bmrb, input_elements, results_viewer, spin_viewer, string_conv, uf_objects, wizards

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{'pcs.display': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df79e190>, '\
pymol.command': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df79e5d0>, '\
molecule.copy': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df797810>, '\
dasha.create': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df80cad0>, 's\
pectrum.replicated': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df7a2bd\
0>, 'noe.spectrum_type': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df7\
97ed0>, 'monte_carlo.on': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df\
797c90>, 'pipe.bundle': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df79\