Package gui :: Package analyses :: Module auto_relax_disp
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Module auto_relax_disp

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Module for the automatic relaxation dispersion analysis.

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The relaxation dispersion auto-analysis GUI element.
The relaxation dispersion analysis execution object.
The diffusion model list GUI element.
Variables [hide private]
  ds = The relax data storage obje...
  uf_store = {'pcs.display': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at...
  status = Status()
  default_grid_inc = 21
  default_exp_mc_sim_num = 500
  default_mc_sim_num = 500
  __package__ = 'gui.analyses'

Imports: wx, Relax_disp, Relax_data_store, ANALYSIS_IMAGE_PATH, fetch_icon, Base_analysis, Boolean_ctrl, Float_ctrl, Spin_ctrl, Text_ctrl, Model_list, Execute, Container, Spectra_list, RelaxDirDialog, font, error_message, Missing_data, float_to_gui, gui_to_float, gui_to_int, gui_to_str, str_to_gui, Uf_storage, Peak_intensity_wizard, MODEL_B14, MODEL_B14_FULL, MODEL_CR72, MODEL_CR72_FULL, MODEL_DPL94, MODEL_IT99, MODEL_LIST_CPMG, MODEL_LIST_R1RHO, MODEL_LM63, MODEL_LM63_3SITE, MODEL_M61, MODEL_M61B, MODEL_MMQ_CR72, MODEL_MP05, MODEL_NOREX, MODEL_NS_CPMG_2SITE_3D, MODEL_NS_CPMG_2SITE_3D_FULL, MODEL_NS_CPMG_2SITE_EXPANDED, MODEL_NS_CPMG_2SITE_STAR, MODEL_NS_CPMG_2SITE_STAR_FULL, MODEL_NS_MMQ_2SITE, MODEL_NS_MMQ_3SITE, MODEL_NS_MMQ_3SITE_LINEAR, MODEL_NS_R1RHO_2SITE, MODEL_NS_R1RHO_3SITE, MODEL_NS_R1RHO_3SITE_LINEAR, MODEL_R2EFF, MODEL_TAP03, MODEL_TP02, MODEL_TSMFK01, dw, dw_AB, dw_BC, dwH, dwH_AB, dwH_BC, i0, kex, kAB, kBC, kAC, padw2, phi_ex, phi_exB, phi_exC, r1rho, r1rho_prime, r1, r2, r2a, r2b, r2eff, exists_mol_res_spin_data, spin_loop, has_bundle, has_pipe, has_cpmg_exp_type, has_r1rho_exp_type, Status

Variables Details [hide private]


The relax data storage object.

Data pipes:

Data store objects:
  __dict__ <type 'dict'>: dict() -> new empty dictionary
  __doc__ <type 'str'>: The relax data storage object.


{'pcs.display': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df79e190>, '\
pymol.command': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df79e5d0>, '\
molecule.copy': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df797810>, '\
dasha.create': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df80cad0>, 's\
pectrum.replicated': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df7a2bd\
0>, 'noe.spectrum_type': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df7\
97ed0>, 'monte_carlo.on': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df\
797c90>, 'pipe.bundle': <gui.uf_objects.Uf_object object at 0x7f33df79\