relax: dynamics analysis, model-free analysis, relaxation data, R1 and R2 exponential curve-fitting, steady-state NOE calculation, reduced spectral density mapping, relaxation dispersion, N-state model, frame order dynamics theories, stereochemistry, conformational analysis, organic molecules, proteins, RNA, DNA, sugars, and other biomolecules.

relax - Molecular dynamics by NMR data analysis

Analysis software for: Model-free, NMR relaxation (R1, R2, NOE), reduced spectral density mapping, relaxation dispersion, N-state models, frame order theory.

relax download request

The file you have tried to access is no longer located on the Gna! servers. It was removed from the server to conserve space on the open source infrastructure, however backups still exist. If you would like a copy of an old distribution release and its signature file, please make a request on the relax users mailing list.

Note that the source code for all releases can be checked out from the relax source code repository at any time. For example to obtain the full sources for relax 1.0.0, type:

> svn co