Dispersion GUI mode - two analyses

To process this test data, two separate analyses will be performed:

In this example, Gary Thompson's multiprocessor framework (see section 11.9.11 on page [*]) will be used with OpenMPI on a single four-core, hyper-threaded computer with the command:

$ mpirun -np 8 /data/relax/relax-trunk/relax -multi='mpi4py' -log /tmp/dispersion/log_non_clustered -gui

Note that the /tmp/dispersion directory should be created before starting relax. If running on a system where your home directory is not defined as /, MS Windows for example, the part will need to be replaced with some other directory. A different command will be used for the clustered analysis to store the log messages in a separate file. The two logs will be used to compare the two analysis types at the end.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.