The relaxation dispersion auto-analysis in the GUI

The following demonstration of the relaxation dispersion analysis in the graphical user interface (GUI) uses the experimental single quantum (SQ) CPMG-type data from Flemming Hansen located in the relax directory test_suite/shared_data/dispersion/Hansen. This is the data from the paper:

More details can be seen in the README file in that directory. By using the data in this directory and following the instructions below, a complete dispersion analysis can be performed.

Note that the dispersion analysis in the GUI uses the automated protocol as implemented in the auto_analyses/ relax script. If you wish to perform a custom analysis or implement your own protocol, please use the prompt/scripting user interface instead to have access to the full flexibility and power of relax.

When running the analysis, it is best to keep a permanent log of all of the printouts, warnings, errors and messages produced by relax. Such information will be an invaluable reference when comparing the non-clustered and clustered results, as well as understanding what happened to each spin system under study. This can be achieved by running relax with the command line options:

$ relax -log log -gui

All output from relax will then be visible both in the relax controller window (see Figure 1.9 on page [*]) and in the log file. Other relax options can be seen by running:

$ relax -help

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2024-06-08.