Dispersion GUI mode - unresolved spins

As in the prompt/script UI section 11.13.7, the spins can be deselected at this point using the same unresolved files. This is described in detail in section 4.5.5 on page [*].

Within the open spin viewer window, click on the “User functionsdeselectread” menu item. In the deselect.read user function window, select the file test_suite/shared_data/dispersion/Hansen/500_MHz/unresolved. As this file only contains residue number, edit the “Free format file settings” to set the residue number column to 1 and all other columns to empty values. Click the “Apply” button rather than “OK” to allow a second file to be read. The relax controller window may appear and can be closed. Select the new file test_suite/shared_data/dispersion/Hansen/800_MHz/unresolved and click on “OK”. Now all spins from these two files will be deselected and skipped in the analysis.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.