Model-free model selection script mode - explanation

This script is designed to be used in conjunction with the model_free/ script in the previous section. It will load all of the results files from the previous script and then perform the following:

Model-free model elimination
The optimisation of model-free models performed by the previous script will fail for certain data sets together with certain models. To ensure that these models are never selected, they are removed from the analysis (see d'Auvergne and Gooley (2006)).
Model-free model selection
The AIC model selection as described in d'Auvergne and Gooley (2003) will be used to determine which model-free model best describes the relaxation data.
Data output
Finally both a save state and result file will be created.

These three sample scripts describe the basic components of model-free analysis. However a full analysis requires the construction of a much more complex iterative procedure. The following sections will describe both the original diffusion seeded approaches as well as the new model-free protocol built into relax.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.