Model-free model selection script mode - the sample script

The sample script which demonstrates both model-free model elimination and model-free model selection between models from m0 to m9 is model_free/ The text of the script is:

# Set the data pipe names.
pipes = ['m0', 'm1', 'm2', 'm3', 'm4', 'm5', 'm6', 'm7', 'm8', 'm9']

# Loop over the data pipe names.
for name in pipes:
    print("\n\n# " + name + " #")
    # Create the data pipe.
    pipe.create(name, 'mf')
    # Reload precalculated results from the file 'm1/results', etc.'results', dir=name)

# Model elimination.

# Model selection.
model_selection(method='AIC', modsel_pipe='aic')

# Write the results.'save', force=True)
results.write(file='results', force=True)

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.