The DPL94 2-site fast exchange R1ρ model

This is the model for 2-site fast exchange for R1ρ-type data. It is selected by setting the model to `DPL94', here named after Davis et al. (1994). It extends the Meiboom (1961) model to off-resonance data. The model collapses to the M61 model for on-resonance data. The equation for the exchange process is

R1ρ = R1cos2θ + $\displaystyle \left(\vphantom{ \mathrm{R}_{1\rho}'+ \frac{\Phi_{\textrm{ex}}\te...
...{k}_{\textrm{ex}}}{\textrm{k}_{\textrm{ex}}^2 + \omega_{\textrm{e}}^2} }\right.$R1ρ' + $\displaystyle {\frac{{\Phi_{\textrm{ex}}\textrm{k}_{\textrm{ex}}}}{{\textrm{k}_{\textrm{ex}}^2 + \omega_{\textrm{e}}^2}}}$$\displaystyle \left.\vphantom{ \mathrm{R}_{1\rho}'+ \frac{\Phi_{\textrm{ex}}\te...
...{k}_{\textrm{ex}}}{\textrm{k}_{\textrm{ex}}^2 + \omega_{\textrm{e}}^2} }\right)$sin2θ, (11.75)

where θ is the rotating frame tilt angle. The reference for this equation is:

More information about the DPL94 model is available from:

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2024-06-08.