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Deselect spins with signal to noise ratio higher or lower than the given ratio.


deselect.sn_ratio(ratio=10.0, operation=`<', all_sn=False)

Keyword arguments

ratio: The signal to noise ratio to compare to.

operation: The comparison operation by which to deselect the spins.

all_sn: A flag specifying if all the signal to noise ratios per spin should match the comparison operator, of if just a single comparison match is enough.


The comparison operation is the method which to deselect spins according to: operation(sn_ratio, ratio).

The possible operations are: `<':strictly less than, `<=':less than or equal, `>':strictly greater than, `>=':greater than or equal, `==':equal, `!=':not equal.

The `all_sn' flag default is False, meaning that if any of the spin's signal to noise levels evaluates to True in the comparison, the spin is deselected.

Prompt examples

To deselect all spins with a signal to noise ratio lower than 10.0:

relax> deselect.sn_ratio(ratio=10.0, operation='<')

relax> deselect.sn_ratio(ratio=10.0, operation='<', all_sn=True)

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.