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Copy relaxation data from one pipe to another.


relax_data.copy(pipe_from=None, pipe_to=None, ri_id=None)

Keyword arguments

pipe_from: The name of the pipe to copy the relaxation data from.

pipe_to: The name of the pipe to copy the relaxation data to.

ri_id: The relaxation data ID string.


This will copy relaxation data from one data pipe to another. If the relaxation ID data string is not given then all relaxation data will be copied, otherwise only a specific data set will be copied.

Prompt examples

To copy all relaxation data from pipe `m1' to pipe `m9', type one of:

relax> relax_data.copy('m1', 'm9')

relax> relax_data.copy(pipe_from='m1', pipe_to='m9')

relax> relax_data.copy('m1', 'm9', None)

relax> relax_data.copy(pipe_from='m1', pipe_to='m9', ri_id=None)

To copy only the NOE relaxation data with the ID string of `NOE_800' from `m3' to `m6', type one of:

relax> relax_data.copy('m3', 'm6', 'NOE_800')

relax> relax_data.copy(pipe_from='m3', pipe_to='m6', ri_id='NOE_800')

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.