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Set the CPMG pulse sequence information associated with a given spectrum.


relax_disp.cpmg_setup(spectrum_id=None, cpmg_frq=None, ncyc_even=True)

Keyword arguments

spectrum_id: The spectrum ID string to associate the CPMG pulse sequence information to.

cpmg_frq: The frequency, in Hz, of the CPMG pulse train.

ncyc_even: A flag which if True means that the number of CPMG blocks must be even. This is pulse sequence dependant.


This allows all information about CPMG pulse sequence required for a relaxation dispersion analysis to be specified. This includes:

 `cpmg_frq' allows the CPMG pulse train frequency of a given spectrum to be set. If None is given for frequency, then the spectrum will be treated as a reference spectrum.
 `ncyc_even' specifies if an even number of CPMG blocks are required for the pulse sequence.

Prompt examples

To identify the reference spectrum called `reference_spectrum', type:

relax> relax_disp.cpmg_setup(spectrum_id='reference_spectrum', cpmg_frq=None)

To set a frequency of 200 Hz for the spectrum `200_Hz_spectrum', type:

relax> relax_disp.cpmg_setup(spectrum_id='200_Hz_spectrum', cpmg_frq=200)

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.