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Copy dispersion specific parameters values from one data pipe to another.


relax_disp.parameter_copy(pipe_from=None, pipe_to=None)

Keyword arguments

pipe_from: The name of the pipe to copy from.

pipe_to: The name of the pipe to copy to.


This is a special function for copying relaxation dispersion parameters from one data pipe to another. It is much more advanced than the value.copy user function, in that clustering is taken into account. When the destination data pipe has spin clusters defined, then the new parameter values, when required, will be taken as the median value.

For the cluster specific parameters, i.e. the populations of the states and the exchange parameters, a median value will be used as the starting point. For all other parameters, the R20 values for each spin and magnetic field, as well as the parameters related to the chemical shift difference dw, the optimised values of the previous run will be directly copied.

Prompt examples

To copy the CSA values from the data pipe `m1' to `m2', type:

relax> value.parameter_copy('m1', 'm2', 'csa')

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.