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Define a β sheet.


structure.add_sheet(strand=None, sheet_id=`A', strand_count=2, strand_sense=0, start=None, end=None, mol_name=None, current_atom=None, prev_atom=None)

Keyword arguments

strand: Strand number which starts at 1 for each strand within a sheet and increases by one.

sheet_id: The sheet identifier. To match the PDB standard, sheet IDs should range from `A' to `Z'.

strand_count: The number of strands in the sheet.

strand_sense: Sense of strand with respect to previous strand in the sheet. 0 if first strand, 1 if parallel, -1 if anti-parallel.

start: The residue number for the start of the sheet.

end: The residue number for the end of the sheet.

mol_name: Define the secondary structure for a specific molecule.

current_atom: The name of the first atom in the current strand, to link the current back to the previous strand.

prev_atom: The name of the last atom in the previous strand, to link the current back to the previous strand.


This allows β sheet secondary structure to be defined for the internal structural object.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.