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Module api

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The N-state model or structural ensemble analysis.

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Class containing functions for the N-state model.
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  __package__ = 'specific_analyses.n_state_model'

Imports: deepcopy, pi, generic_minimise, grid, dot, float64, zeros, search, warn, lib, RelaxError, RelaxInfError, RelaxNaNError, RelaxNoModelError, isNaN, isInf, test_grid_ops, RelaxWarning, align_tensor, pcs, rdc, opt_uses_tensor, interatomic_loop, spin_loop, API_base, API_common, base_data_types, calc_ave_dist, num_data_points, minimise_bc_data, target_fn_setup, N_state_params, disassemble_param_vector, linear_constraints, param_num, quad_pot