The TAP03 2-site exchange R1ρ model

This is the model for 2-site exchange for off-resonance R1ρ-type data from Trott et al. (2003). It is selected by setting the model to `TAP03'. The equation for the exchange process is

R1ρ = R1cos2θ + R1ρ'sin2θ    
  + $\displaystyle \left(\vphantom{ \frac{1}{\gamma} }\right.$$\displaystyle {\frac{{1}}{{\gamma}}}$$\displaystyle \left.\vphantom{ \frac{1}{\gamma} }\right)$$\displaystyle {\frac{{\sin^2\hat\theta p_{\textrm{A}}p_{\textrm{B}}\Delta\omega...
...\theta p_{\textrm{A}}p_{\textrm{B}}\Delta\omega ^2 + (1 - \gamma)\omega_1 ^2}}}$, (11.78)

in which, in addition to those parameters defined above for the `TP02' model,

\sigma &= p_{\textrm{B}}\delta_A + p_{\textrm{...
...sqrt{\gamma}\omega_1 }{\overline{\Omega}} \right).

The equation is accurate when populations are less skewed than the `TP02' model ( pA $\gg$ pB). Note that this model, as with the `TP02' model, has been superseded by the `MP05' model in the next section. The reference for this equation is:

More information about the TAP03 model is available from:

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.